A Transformational Pathway to Thrive and Serve in a Changing World

Upcoming Program: November 2017- April 2018
Location:Commonweal Garden, Bolinas, CA
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Instructors: James StarkChristopher Kuntzsch, and Katia Sol 

We live in a time of tremendous global change. And, many of us are feeling significant shifts in our personal lives and the communities in which we live and work. And as unsustainable eco-social paradigms and systems are challenged and composted, we are called to seed and cultivate new visions for our future.

But how do we do that effectively?

To address that question, we invite you to join one of the powerful circles of change-makers discovering how a practice rooted in deep nature connection, inner transformation, and leadership skill development can revolutionize your life and service in the world.

The EOL Journey

Through the EOL journey, you will reconnect with your heart and the natural world, become a more grounded and effective leader, and transform your “inner ecology” to cultivate positive changes in your life and community.

For many, nature-sourced leadership becomes a new way of thinking and being. The process of cultivating our leadership capacity is an adventure, full of opportunity, challenge and possibility. The Ecology of Leadership gives you the tools to navigate this adventure and bring your leadership forward in the world, supported by a powerful alliance with the natural world and a community of other leaders.

EOL workshops are geared toward change-agents, nonprofit and community leaders, people in personal or professional transition, eco-social entrepreneurs, and people who long for more fulfillment in their lives and deeper impact in the world.

Leadership Sourced in Nature Connection

Through EOL, you will experience what is naturally yours – an intimate relationship with the natural world. You will learn to source your leadership from this connection and stay attuned to the patterns in your own life, creating a new level of effectiveness and awareness in your leadership.

What happens in EOL?

On your leadership development journey, you will:

  • Discover your true gifts, passions and vision
  • Develop new skills and behaviors that are aligned with this vision
  • Create a way of living and leading that moves you toward your dreams for yourself and the world
  • Design and implement a self-inspired project, giving you the opportunity to practice new leadership skills while making a difference in your community
  • Explore your patterns of belief, behavior and thought and determine which ones serve you and which can be released and ‘composted’
  • Receive structured coaching and support from your peers between workshops
  • Adopt stress-reducing routines that connect you with nature
  • Take on practice assignments that will help cultivate your leadership skills and integrate the skills, mindset, and routines of the course into your daily life
  • Nurture a regional leadership circle that will continue to serve and support you on your leadership journey after the formal component of the program ends

What you will learn

You will come out of EOL with a “Leadership Tool Bag”: a collection of concrete skills, habits, mindsets and approaches that improve your well-being and effectiveness as a leader. These powerful tools include effective communication, project development and stewardship, the ability to create and honor commitments, inner permaculture, effective time management, coaching skills, and more.

Manifesting your vision

As EOL unfolds, you will learn to integrate nature awareness, ‘inner gardening’, and leadership skills into your daily life and service path. You will begin to experience leadership as a dynamic process that translates your awareness and insights into effective action toward your goals.

Many EOL alumni have taken remarkable strides toward living into their vision.

Supported by skills and insights from their EOL journey, here are just a few accomplishments of previous EOL graduates:

  • Start an organic farm
  • Teach women to ride bicycles in Africa
  • Travel around the world
  • Find a life partner and start a family
  • Help Berkeley become a Fair Trade Town
  • Overcome a limiting phobia
  • Write a book

Growth is the work of a lifetime and each person’s path is different. Your transformation will reflect your own challenges and callings.


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