I am grateful to have had the opportunity yesterday to present at a local TEDx in San Francisco- http://www.tedxmission.org.  The conference was part of a worldwide series of simultaneous TEDx events, focusing on the City 2.0, with presentations bringing forward innovative models and dreams for more thriving, regenerative cities!  I shared about the Transformative Power of Gratitude, proposing that a shift in our culture to one of appreciation and gratitude could go a long way in transforming not only our personal lives and happiness but also our families and relationships, organizations, and wider communities and culture.

I was grateful to make connections through the conference with social innovators and local pioneers who are bringing forward amazing transformations both inner and outer through their work.  I also left feeling extremely grateful for all of the people in my life who love me and have supported me to get to this point.

Here’s a picture of me singing a song of thanksgiving (shared with me by David Lertzman of Rediscovery, who was gifted the song in a dream.) In the back is an image of a poster version of the Thanksgiving Address of the Haudenosaunee people, which I shared while speaking about the origins of gratitude as a core practice and prayer of the First Nations people.

Video should be ready in a few weeks and I can post that then as well!