Marking the turn to the year 2011 feels like the beginning of a significant new phase in life’s journey for me.

The past ten years, from 2000-2010, have taken me from living in California to  Israel to Calgary, Toronto, and Guelph, Canada, and have included journeys to South Africa, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Bolivia, Guyana, Dominica, Spain, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and my regular circuit of Toronto-Florida-Maine-Bonaire-Vancouver-Calgary-California-Guelph. They have included a foray into the worlds of marriage and mortgages and motherhood and all that each of those worlds entails, including the birth of my two beautiful children, Jalen Ali and Mateo Knight. They have included time in sacred ceremony and cultural sharing in more than 30 indigenous communities north and south, with Elders and youth who have offered me deep teachings and even deeper friendships.   They have meant an exploration of academia and teaching and the contours of my own mind.  They have been significant for identifying my calling as a community builder, as I have moved from city to city and in each place slowly and with determination found like souls and worked to build a community of mutual interest and friendship and love and encouragement, even here online, in which people I have never met in person have reached out and touched me and perhaps I them.  They mark my first ten years of true adulthood, bringing me from my university graduation into my early 30s.  They have included learning from incredible teachers and mentors, and the opportunity to participate in amazing circles, ranging from the Six Nations Sacred Fire to Ocamora, New Mexico.  They been full of the highest highs and my lowest lows, each of these sacred in their significance and instrumental to carving out the unique shape of my soul, deepening my capacity for joy, love, grief, compassion, and growing wisdom.

Above all, these past ten years have been about learning to turn inward and deeply recognize and commit to my own sacred truth, propelling me ever forward towards identifying my soul’s mission and the fulfillment of what I was uniquely brought here to earth to carry forth in this lifetime.

As I enter into 2011, I call upon all of this learning and at the same time let go of it entirely.  I have the distinct feeling of experiencing sacred separation and of stepping boldly and somewhat blindly into the unknown.  In the past few days I have been unusually emotional, crying easily, feeling the cleansing and release, feeling even my body come to a standstill as I let go of all that has not served me and even that which has in preparation for the new.  I feel myself getting ready to step into a great new unknown, and yet feel amazing calm and equanimity as I step towards that mystery.  Just as I could have had no way of predicting what these past ten years would hold at their start, I sense that these ten years will be equally full of surprise and beauty.

As I step into this new year, I am called to summon the sacred warrior as a guide.  This warrior is rooted deeply- her feet each sending a tap root deep towards the core of the earth, tuning into the centre of the earth’s fire (I will need that passion, heat and power), up through the rich soil (I will need those nurtrients, fertilizers and grounding softness), up through rivers of cool water (reminding me even as I am rooted to also flow and move and release like water), bursting up into the air, which fills my lungs with strong, steadying breath and centers me in my oneness with the rhythms of all life.

This warrior is a sacred warrior – she is not seeking violence with anyone or anything external, but rather demonstrating the deepest discipline and commitment to her own inner truth and the waging of her path.  She IS invincible in spirit, knowing that that which is truly sacred (her own spirit!) can never be destroyed.  She IS fear-less, knowing that the warrior on her path will confront any battle or opposition with total confidence and love.  She is COURageous, embracing her own inner vulnerability and wearing her heart open wide for all to see and touch.  She is rooted down, unshakeable, and at the same time flowing constantly, receiving continual guidance from the light within and above and with every breath moving deeper towards the Truth that is our ultimate Oneness.  She is the embodiment of balanced surrender and total commitment, softness and solidity, nonattachment and searing passion, yin and yang, the masculine and the feminine, heaven and earth, the Wisdom which knows that I am Nothing and the Love which knows that I am Everything.  She is Me. 

This warrior has been arising regularly lately, which affirms for me the relevance of this teaching at this time.  Michael Stone spoke two weeks ago about our supernatural powers, which  as defined by Pantanjali include nothing more or less than:

-absolute faith and confidence
-boundless energy/enthusiasm
-wisdom (knowing that everything changes)
-integration (feeling of oneness)

Jeff Brown wrote today of the role of the Benevolent Warrior, whose white flag drives us higher up the Mountain of Consciousness:

Abdu’l-Baha writes:

And now I give you a commandment which shall be for a covenant between you and Me — that ye have faith; that your faith be steadfast as a rock that no storms can move, that nothing can disturb, and that it endure through all things even to the end….As ye have faith so shall your powers and blessings be. This is the balance — this is the balance — this is the balance.”

Even Jalen and Mateo are obsessed right now with superheroes, so I figure that if I have to contend with Superman and Batman on a daily basis, I might as well become a superhero of my own.

So as a Sacred Warrior, I take my stance, looking forward towards what is to come, feet rooted to the earth, arms reaching to the sky, heart bursting open and strongly full of faith, ready for wherever the path takes me.  Yes, I have an inkling of what is to come…moving to a place that feeds my soul and my path,  rich in natural beauty and forests and oceans and culture and community and deep friendships and spiritual possibility.  The completion of my doctorate, and the commitment to fulfilling that task in a way that both gives back and nurtures my own growth through rich learning and collaboration.  Stepping into a career path that fully enlivens my gifts and begins to live out my calling of bringing forward a new vision for the world.  The rising of an expansive, heart and soul-opening love partnership, development of new friendships, and deepening of the soulsister and brother-ships I already hold dear.  The continued nurturing of my children’s spirits and the co-creative process of learning from and with them as we evolve together.  All this I am sure the next decade will hold, and so much more.

As I take this journey, I know that I will not be alone, and take comfort in the growing army of INlightened, INheartened, INearthed, INspirited, INspired souls who are soaring alongside me in the battle to forge a beautiful new world.

2011, Here We Come.